Soul Radics - One Time (Official Video)

Soul Radics have been going strong since 2011; supporting countless acts and backing originators along the way.

Coming from an unlikely location for such a collaboration, they formed in Nashville Tennessee but brought a fresh blend of traditional ska and reggae rhythms, topped with gritty and soulful female vocals. Soon the word traveled further after the band's first full length debut "Down to the Hall" was released through Chicago's long-running Jump Up Records. It was an eclectic mix of Jamaican influenced genres with upbeat, danceable numbers as well as cleverly written heartfelt messages with a bit of an attitude. The modest 9-song album made an impact on soundsystems internationally, so the eight piece headed to Europe to bring the music live and direct. After working closely with the renowned Grover Records in Germany; the label saw the release of their sophomoric album "Big Shot" which kicked off a second Euro Tour spring of 2015. Big Shot kept the same energy as their first LP, but touched on rocksteady more while digging deeper in song content and evolving the recording process.

More recently the band is writing/recording while planning another tour, and will be gracing clubs and festivals around Europe summer of 2016... with another scorching release from Grover Records in tow.

Prototype Multimedia Provided the location for a majority of the music video at the base of operation where we are able to film our content.

To learn more about Soul Radics, view their website here.

Jon Sawa (Producer/Director/Editor)
Bill Schweikert (DP/Cinematographer)
Dan Mazikowski (Key Grip/Camera Assist)
Luther Hicks ( Key Grip/ Electric Department)
Summer Smith (Assistant Director/Costumes)
Elizabeth Anne Hagale (PA)
Alicia Staffhorst (Assistant Director/UPM)
Lee Carr (Set Designer)
Rita Burkholder Fig Leaf Costumes (Costumes) facebook/fig-leaf-costumes
Anthony King (Playback)
Dan Scott (PA)
Ken Sullivan (PA)
Timmy Lighthall (FX)

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