Danza - Phil Weaver

"Danza" a music video by classical guitarist Phil Weaver and filmmaker Jon Sawa, owner of Prototype Multimedia, will be released. The film features Phil's performance of Costa Rican composer Edin Solis' Danza from his guitar solo Pasaje Abierto. The film was shot in ten locations throughout north Alabama over a four month period with the crew, guitarist, and director spending over forty hours on-site. While the filming, recording, and editing was done with cutting edge technology and production techniques the guitar, a 1988 Jose Ramirez elite made in Madrid, and the playing of the piece are the result of Old-World craftsmanship and classical music traditions that go back centuries. The resulting film is a true collaboration, chamber music with the guitar and footage interacting intricately as a duo and as equals, not a mere record of a live performance. The visual style of the work is fast-paced and engaging, with scenes changing phrase to phrase to the music. The piece Danza is ebullient and energetic with Afro-Caribbean rhythms and percussive effects throughout the work. The title Pasaje Abierto means open passage, and this hits close to home for Phil who suffered some severe career-threatening injuries while hiking this past spring, breaking his left wrist and shattering his right elbow. He made a full recovery, the final shoot (where he had to climb down to the site by rope) was one week before his final surgery to remove the wrist hardware, and one scene was shot five minutes away from the site of the accident.

Phil Weaver (www.philweaverguitar.com)

Prototype Multimedia Production (www.llcprototype.com)

Director: Jon Sawa

Production Coordinator: Summer Smith

Camera Operators: Jon Sawa and Angela Scott

PAs: Nathan Sprague

Location Coordinators: Jon Sawa, Summer Smith, and Nathan Sprague

Edited by: Jon Sawa

Assistant Editors: Angela Scott, and Josh Roberts

Recorded at Sound Cell Recording Studios (www.soundcell.com)